Jan 30, 2011

What's For Sale?

Nude Lace Dress - Size Medium
Indigo High-Waisted Shorts - Size 0
Patent Leather Nude Pumps - Size 8


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As you know, most everything you see on the site is for sale over here. I will usually provide a link directly to the item once it is up for sale and once it sells I will mark the link with a strikethrough like this.

I will constantly be adding and removing items as they are sold or up for sale, so be sure to check back often or check the "What's for Sale?" page.

If you feel uncomfortable going through the site, you can send me a direct email to BlakeHarrisonX@yahoo.com and be sure to include your Name, Address, Item(s) interested in, and Phone Number.

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If you have any questions, please email me at BlakeHarrisonX@yahoo.com

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Introduction & Feedback.

College student on a budget with a love for fashion. I plan on thrifting for the coolest pieces, and finding great vintage pieces. Most of what I find in stores will be for sale on here, and will help fund this blog so that I can keep thrifting and keep cool items coming at a cheap price for everyone. It's like all you have to do is sit at home and shop while I show you a hundred different ways to wear the item I found.

This blog is new and just starting out, so be sure to subscribe. I'm just going to kind of wing it right now, and do the whole Trial & Error thing as I go. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this go smoothly, any help would be appreciated. How should I balance out the items I find, making sure this blog stays a really trendy blog for fashionistas and a store for the vintage stuff I find all at the same time? What's a reasonable mark-up for the items so that I can make enough money to support going out and finding new stuff, but not too high where anyone could just shop online at a store instead.

Some ideas to throw out.. Should I keep everything under $10 even if I pay over $10? I think that would be a reasonable way to make money and keep everything cheaper than regular stores. How do I buy items in different sizes than my own and turn them into outfits that I take pictures of and use to advertise selling them if they don't fit me? I guess I could use different sized models and turn the thing into weekly fashion shoots or something, I do photography and I have needed to update my portfolio anyways, I've been meaning to do this. Any feedback would be great, thanks!